OpenD6 Fantasy Website

The website is dedicated to the preservation and expansion of West End Games' D6 System, successor to the Star Wars D6 system of the 80's and 90's, and its successors, specifically the D6 Fantasy and OpenD6 Fantasy system. Following in the footsteps of Wizard of the Coast's fantasy OGL release of the D20 system, the folks at Purgatory Press were gracious enough to make the D6 System OGL as the OpenD6 system. Being primarily interested in fantasy gaming (in comparison to 'Modern' or 'Science Fiction'), the decision to concentrate on OpenD6 Fantasy was easy enough.

This site contains all of the rules contained in the original D6 Fantasy Rulebook, D6 Fantasy Creatures, and D6 Fantasy Locations. They have been reformatted for the web, had the artwork removed, and carefully indexed to make this site a great online reference to OpenD6 Fantasy gamers. Being carefully retitled OpenD6 Fantasy, OpenD6 Fantasy Creatures, and OpenD6 Fantasy Locations. The material presented in D6 Magic has been finalized, polished, and added as OpenD6 Magic. In addition, new Open Game Content will be made available on this site and other OGL material will be presented here. One of the most exciting is the conversion of OpenD6 Space Miniatures to OpenD6 Fantasy Miniatures, allowing you to play wargames using the simple rules.

New Stuff for OpenD6 Fantasy

Well, we mentioned it up above and wanted to clarify things. The OpenD6 Fantasy rules are good, but need some tweaks. We've seen a few with Mini6, Cinema6, and others. In addition, there are some great settings out there for the OpenD6 genres. Westward and Azamar both come to mind. We're even putting together the OpenD6 Fantasy Miniatures rules. Yet, at the same time, OpenD6 seems to suffer from a lack of preprinted adventures. With that in mind, we will concentrate on making scenarios available as often as possible.

OpenD6 Fantasy in Print

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, we’ll be putting together some OpenD6 Fantasy products in print. Currently, the timetable is up in the air, but we’re aiming for Spring to Summer 2015. This will naturally include the original rules in a new format and any new products that have a chance to sell.

OpenD6 Adventure and OpenD6 Space

Don't worry! We have no intention of excluding OpenD6 Adventure or OpenD6 Space, we're very much fans, as we started with Star Wars D6, quite a few years ago. One of the great things about the OpenD6 systems is that they are very compatible and take only minor conversions, so if you like something on this site, feel free to use it for whichever D6 system you'd like. And for posterity's sake, archival of all the OpenD6 material is taking place at, where you will find the Space and Adventure rules in their current shape.