OpenD6 Fantasy Creatures - Invocations

Bunyip Summoning Invocation

Skill Used: Strife

Difficulty: 11

Effect: 15 (+3D+1 bonus to persuasion)

Range: 1 kilometer (+15)

Speed: +15

Duration: 25 minutes (+16)

Casting Time: 25 minutes (-16)

Other Aspects:

Components (-2): Bullroarer (very common)

Concentration (-2): 15 minutes with mettledifficulty of 8

Gestures (-3): Whirl a bullroarer over head for entire concentration time with acrobaticsdifficulty of 11

Incantation (-2): Carefully worded request (complex formula with difficulty equal to roll of bunyip’s mettle)

Once the shaman seats himself within one kilometer of the bunyip’s den, he begins by twirling the bullroarer over his head. After its roaring is steadily produced, he concentrates on summoning the bunyip forth. At the end of the time and with a successful strife roll, the bunyip appears. (On a failure, the bunyip does not appear. On a failure with a Critical Failure, the bunyip attacks the shaman.) The shaman may then make his request of the bunyip, using his persuasion plus the bonus received from this invocation against the bunyip’s mettle. (Treat the bunyip hostile but the request as something the bunyip would do anyway.) Any kind of failure to convince the bunyip to follow the shaman’s wishes results in the bunyip attacking the character.

Insect Repellent Invocation

Skill Used: Favor

Difficulty: 18

Effect: 15 (intimidation: insects 5D)

Range: Self /touch (0)

Speed: 0

Duration: 10 minutes (+14)

Casting Time: 1 round (-4)

Other Aspects:

Area Effect (+5): sphere with 1-meter radius

Focused (+5)

After the cleric performs the invocation according to his religious requirements, the target of the miracle is protected from insects for one meter around his person. (The target may move.) To find out if the invocation repels the insects, use the intimidation received with the spell versus the insect’s or swarm’s mettle. If the spell’s intimidation total is greater than the insect’s or swarm’s total, the creatures veer off to another, more tempting target. Otherwise, they attack as they had intended.

The result point bonus of the invocation skill roll may be added either to the intimidation total or to the duration value. (If added to the duration value, look up the new measure on the “Spell Measures” table in the rulebook.)

One possible component and gesture combination is for the cleric to wave a willow twig quickly through the smoke of a fire, until the twig becomes sooty. The twig, which crumbles when the invocation ends, becomes the focus of the miracle. The components provide a -6 Spell Total modifier (or a -3 difficulty modifier), while the gestures of waving and holding it give a -3 Spell Total modifier (or a -2 difficulty modifier).