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The OpenD6 Fantasy system is an RPG rules set that is suitable for any non-modern fantasy setting. It is equally adept at handling high and low fantasy settings or even historical settings that do not make use of modern firearms.

The OpenD6 system is based on the D6 System, a set of rules developed over the course of 20 years by West End Games for cinematic roleplaying. It is best known for the award winning Star Wars Roleplaying game, but includes quite a few other cinematic RPGs including Men in Black, the DC Universe, Hercules & Xena, and Indiana Jones.

First off, "Thank you!" Here's how you can help. Are you a gamer, graphic artist, artist, editor writer, able to type, or just someone with a computer? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you can help. The first step is to send an email to [email protected] There are a lot of different aspects, some fun... some not so fun that go into putting together a site like this. The great thing is, you can probably dodge the ones you don't consider to be fun because someone else considers those activities to be fun.

Aww snap! We try to stay current on all the products that are released for OpenD6 System and the many derivative games, but sometimes they sneak in beneath the radar. So, send a note containing the title and website of the product and we will endeavor to get the product and put any OGL content onto the site. Remember, in accordance with the OGL, we cannot and would not want to put up any Product Identity. This site is for archiving the rules, not republishing the materials for free.

If you are looking for the OpenD6 Fantasy line in print, it's currently out of print. Don't worry, the titles are normally available on Amazon.

Looking for a digital copy? Those are available for free on DriveThruRPG.

From an official content perspective, the best we can tell you is to check out Amazon and Noble Knight Games. If you are looking for something unofficial, there are a number of great sites you can find on Google, but here are two of our favorites.

Oh fine, this site isn't enough! We understand. There is an active community of D6 players, be it Star Wars D6 or OpenD6 gamers at D6 Online 2.0 and you can find the OpenD6 SRD at OpenD6 Resurrection Wiki. Sycarion Diversions provides some links to valuable OpenD6 resources as well.

The OpenD6 Magic book or Vade Mecum of Magic was cancelled before being completed. However, Eric Gibson was nice enough to release the partial material as Open Game Licensed content with the rest of the OpenD6 system.

The OpenD6 Space Miniatures document was brought about by the generosity of Eric Gibson, owner of West End Games. He has given permission to make the content of the book originally published in 1993 under the ISBN number 0-87431-206-X part of the open gaming content available to players and publishers in the OpenD6 community. Additionally, two more people must be recognized as essential to this document. Stephen Crane and Paul Murphy are listed in the credits of the original book published by West End Games as designers. Without their work, there would be no text to make open gaming content. The changes made in this document are in order to remove any intellectual property that is not owned by West End Games. By only using what is owned by West End Games, this document is able to become a part of the OpenD6 project. Minimal formatting has been done in order to allow maximum copy/pasting and layout by those using the material in their own documents.

They will be used on this site as the basis for the OpenD6 Fantasy Miniatures rules.

There are several reasons. The first is that there are enough game systems out there. The second is nostalgia. The third is development and balancing, as the D6 system and the OpenD6 system have been play tested across almost 30 years. The fourth is there will be new material forthcoming that expands, explains, and expounds on the rules (and cleans it up, of course).